Holidays to Toronto

The most populated city in Canada, it is many people's first choice when choosing a city to visit in the country or it can be an excellent point for a twin centre or the start of a road trip. Find out more about holidays to Toronto.

looking at the toronto skyline in the day

What Can I Do There? 

Toronto has lots of things to see and do whilst there. The top attraction is the CN Tower which prominently rises above the city and offers stunning panoramic views. For a direct view of the skyline travel out to the Toronto Islands which sit at the end of the harbour and face Lake Ontario one way and the city the other. 

Toronto is a very green city and there are lots of parks, the best is on the Toronto Islands with views of the city and Lake Ontario. Back on the mainland is High Park another popular park with a zoo at the centre and that leads towards a beach that borders the lake.  

When visiting Toronto tourists usually take a day to go and see Niagara Falls, the popular natural landmark is around a 2-hour drive from the city and is a spectacular sight that should be seen whilst there.

Niagara Falls

Where Should I Stay? 

Toronto has a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets. It is best to stay in the Downtown area of the city as this is where many of the main attractions are so you can easily see a lot in a shorter space of time. 

How Do I Get There? 

Toronto Pearson International Airport is the airport that services the city and is around half an hour's drive from the centre. You can fly directly to Toronto from Manchester, Glasgow, London Heathrow and London Gatwick.  

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