How Do I Know My Booking Is Safe And With A Reputable Company?

It is always a concern when you are spending a lot of money with regard to cars, electronics, holidays etc. So when you are looking at booking with Verini Travel (including The Greek Specialist and Wintasun) how do you know your booking is safe and that we are reputable?

Verini Travel has an ATOL licence (12280) which can be checked on

The ATOL licence provides you with financial protection for the majority of bookings.

Verini Travel is also fully package travel regulations compliant which comes from being a member of PTS (Protected Trust Services). Verini Travel and PTS are transparent and so if the customer has any concerns about the protection of their money or the holiday being provided by a PTS member, they can contact PTS directly.

Also, all funds go directly into a trust account. This means that here at Verini Travel we do not take your card details over the phone, instead, we send you a secure link to enable you to make the payment directly into the trust account.

A trust account is a bank account with independent trustees whose role it is to protect consumers against misappropriation. No money is released from the trust account until you, the customer, is home safely except to pay for your holiday.

We only use reputable travel providers and so do not work with any online booking sites such as or Air BnB. We don’t have a bookable facility on our website so all enquiries will be dealt with in person by Chris and you will communicate with him to get the exact holiday you are looking for.

Also, all of our email addresses end with – any other email addresses are not part of this company.

If you do have any other questions regarding these issues please don’t hesitate to contact us and we are happy to explain further


Chris and Ian from Verini Travel.