River Cruising Holidays

River cruising is perfect for exploring new places that you have never been to before, often in a more relaxed and much more intimate setting than on Ocean Cruises. It combines the ease of an all-inclusive hotel, with accommodation and food in one place, with a multi-centre holiday where you can explore a number of places in one trip.

a river cruise ship sailing down the rhine

River Cruising is not a one size fits all industry, different cruise operators cater towards certain audiences and each offers a range of itineraries, however, river cruising tends to be catered towards the more mature audience.

River cruise ships cater towards the essentials, more akin to a floating hotel but have far fewer of the amenities on board than you would find on an ocean cruise ship. Think of river cruise ships as small, boutique hotels and ocean cruise ships as large all-inclusive hotels catered for every need. This means that even if you have been on a river cruise before and didn't like it, it doesn't mean you wouldn't enjoy a river cruise with a different operator. The same is true the other way, so it is important to find a cruise to suit you. You should take into account the cruise company, the ship that you will be sailing on and the itinerary of that ship's voyage. For more information on river cruise operators see our options further down the page.

a river cruise ship sailing down the duoro river in porto

River cruises are much more destination focused than ocean cruises, so choosing the right itinerary is important. Different operators have different itineraries for the same river or multiple itineraries for the same river, often based on the length of the cruise. 


River cruise itineraries often start and end in a different city, but some are on round trips. Whatever your itinerary we at Verini Travel can arrange flights that match in with your cruise check-in and disembarkation time. This may not always be possible and you may be required to arrive the day before your cruise departs. If you are wanting to add on a stay at the beginning or end of your cruise then we can also sort that for you.

Accommodation Onboard

Cabins on board cruise ships range from inside cabins to luxury suites. Let us know your preferred option and we can source the right accommodation for your needs and budget.


There are numerous ways we can enhance your holiday from upgrading your flights and cabin or by booking excursions or adding on drinks or other packages. Please ask us for more details.

a river cruise ship docked in wurzburg, germany

River Cruise Operators

Here are just a few of the river cruise operators you can choose from...


Croisi Europe